How do I throw the best party ever?!

Question: How do I throw the best party ever?
so I have this idea that me and my friend have a party for the last day of school. how can I have the best party ever with a bunch if 12, 13 year olds??


party all night with lots of food, music, COKE!!!!! invite like everyone!!

Have lots of food and soft drinks and have a theme . Vacation theme. Have everyone come in summer clothes and do things outside. Barbeque and cake. Lots of music on the stereo. Dance contest but with funny things like silly hats on and dancing with a balloon between your legs. Get people laughing. Film it all so you can show them. Have a book so that everyone will sign something when they come it so you can remember it by.

To have a really good party is to always make everyone who comes in the front door to feel like the most special person there. So give all your guests a lot of attention and they will love you and think the party was the best ever.

serve bananas


have a pool party

just play games and enjoy like you have never done that before

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