What to use for party gifts and etc for boys at a girls birthday party?!

Question: What to use for party gifts and etc for boys at a girls birthday party?
My daughter is turning 5 real soon and we will be having a party with family and cousins. I'm wondering some of her cousins are 9 and 10 and boys the rest are girls around her age. The problem is she wants Hannah Montana for decorations and I know the boys won't go for it, They are truck and 4- wheeler and horse liking kids so I'm wondering if I need to get different things for the boys? Even the little gift packs if I do them, and even like plates and cups.They will have Hannah Montana on them. I don't want them to feel out of place. So any ideas would help Thanks!


Technically, it's your daughter's birthday and she should have what she wants...those other guys can have their own themes....but that being said, I know you want to accommodate everyone:

Since those Hannah plates only come so many in a pack anyway--pick up another pack in a complimentary solid color (like dark blue, let's say)...same for extra cups. For the older boys, don't make the party bags too kiddish or too girly...again, use a solid color and give them candy, truck things, tattoos, mini flashlights, thing to do with horses, etc. It's ok to do the bags differently for the age groups.

'ladydi' has the right answer. Its your daughter's party and the boys will be fine as long as there is lots to eat and for sure bring out the cake early. They will play in the backyard so make sure there is a soccer or football out there for them to get out and exercise with. The girls will just do what little girls do. Don't try and include the boys all in activities. The age range is too distinct so let the children play with their own peers.

Dont use boy themed plates and cups for the boys, keep everything Hannah Montana. If you do gift bags though make separate ones for the boys with boy stuff in them, don't put girlie things in them. It's your daughters birthday so it's whatever she wants, don't cater to the boys.

Why dont you get them some gomu erasers for the gift bags?
They range from $2 to $5 and can be used for boys and girls


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