having a birthday party for my husband need ideas. he is turning 26?!

Question: Having a birthday party for my husband need ideas. he is turning 26?
i want to have it like you would a child's party with lots of games and fun but adult meaning lots of alcohol he is turning 26 and works really hard so i want this to be the best bday on his 24th bday we went to the bahamas so i want this to be a complete blow out. i am making a bud light cake pinata and games including beer pong, quarters, ring the beer *(like they do at carnivals with the glass bottles) but i need more ideas there is going to be alottt of people there. please help me its this coming week.


BEER BEER AND MORE BEER! If there is one thing a man in his 20's would like it is beer! And your ideas are great btw. Just go with your heart. What kind of things does he like? Invite all his buddies and just let hm have fun.


throw him a surprise party at his favorite place to eat and then play all the child games and drinkk afterwards

Strippers! You cant go wrong with a few Pole dancers, and Extra Special Birthday Sex! That would be my Perfect Birthday!

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