i need a theme for my fancy dress party, HELPP?!

Question: I need a theme for my fancy dress party, HELPP?
its in 3 weeks and i still dont know what the theme is gonna be the party will be in the woods... if that helps.


Fairytale Theme!

Fairies / Red Riding Hood / Big Bad Wolves / Dwarves / Robin Hood / Princesses ...


And for the dwarves:


OR you could go for an animal theme?!

Think Bats / Cats / Rabbits / Wolves

OR going along the Twilight route you could go for a mystical Monster theme!


Great setting for a party... hope it doesn't rain on you! xx

The amazones?
Tarzan and Jane?
Red skins and cowboys. :S
Fairies? water fairies , forest fairies etc etc//

i just attend a ''glamourous'' theme but yours will be in the woods... so i imagine high heels in the woods... :)))))

good luck!

Then how about a Robin Hood party? Girls can dress up and maid marions, and boys as sherrif of nottinghams, robin hood etc... could be fun !

Artemis party

Twilight fight.

Flora & Fauna .... all dress as flowers , flower fairies , trees etc.

why not have a naked party so everyone will be dressed the same....

ooh can i get an invite....

robin hood

little red riding hoods

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