PlayStation 3 Hard Shutdown?!

Question: PlayStation 3 Hard Shutdown?
So, Let's say I'm playing a game.
If I'm done, then this is what i SHOULD do:
1) Open up the XMB (by pressing the PS button) and select "Quit Game".
2) When I am redirected to the main menu, go to the far left menu and select "turn off console".

However this is what i usually do: Press and hold the power button and/or just press the power button once.

My Question: **Is this bad for your PS3? How bad?**
also: what is the difference between holding the power button, and pressing it once?


you should quit the game first , if you don't and shut down the ps3 while the game is accessing the hdd ( it could be loading data or saving ) it will cause corruption of your hard drive
it's just safer to quit the game and close any apps like home or the browser first .

you can use the power button or controller to shutdown after quitting the game , there's no difference . it only makes a difference if you hold the power button or tap it . tapping it is a regular shutdown , holding it resets the console and depending on how long you press it can reset settings or access the hidden menu .
To be safe and make the system last longer use proper shutdown procedures - quit the game and then shut off the system . it's just convenient to shutdown using the controller since you already have it in your hands and it's safe so why use another method ?

it's a small supercomputer and all computers need to be shutdown right to avoid damage , if you don't quit apps in the correct order then a computer will damage the hard drive or corrupt the software .

also if your ps3 freezes you need to reset properly , a soft reset is done by pressing the console power button until it beeps once . this is safe . a hard shutdown by unplugging will definitely damage your ps3 .

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