This has been asked so many time I know but.... "What is your definition of love"?!

Question: This has been asked so many time I know but.... "What is your definition of love"?

After what I've been through, all i can perceive love as is a true chemical romance. That's all life is really. Love was created by romanticists as a more appealing name for the sexual lust that all humans experience. We believe we are dominant because we can love and be compassionate. Compassion is true, but love is a charade. Dopamine is released after sex giving the illusion of true pleasure and happiness. We thin create a link between this and tho chosen partner. The further incentive of safety and security may cause you to stay put, but it is all still endorphins in the brain. You may be happy / be made happy by someone, you may have physical attraction to them, but romance truely is chemical


a heart in numerous pieces

wow you don't know what love is.

love is generally, love is patient and love is kind. Love is not jealous, it doesn't boast, and it is not proud. love is not rude, love is not selfish, and love doesn't become angry easily. love doesn't remember wrongs doesn't against it. Love is not happy with evil, but love is happy with the truth. Love patiently accepts all things. Love always trusts, always hopes and always continues strong.
1 Corinthians 13:4-6

lovely and love it.

It's a sense of being with your other half. It is treating your lover with respect, kindness and accepting you, flaws and all. For me it is being with the person who I can have fun with. In our relationship, that's the key.

Putting the well being of someone else above your own. And being ready to LITERALLY die for the other person (or people) that you love.

See Kahil Gibran (book The Prophet) and read his message on Love.
Love is that which will one day cause grief to the person who has loves.

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