How do u flirt with a girl without looking stupid?!

Question: How do u flirt with a girl without looking stupid?
Were both in highschool and we only talk via facebook. I sometimes stare at her in math and when she looks at me I smile and look away. I can't talk to her irl caus I get to nervous. I need help!


the only way to flirt includes looking stupid :P

Just be modest and chill. Do a little head nod to her as a way to say whats up. Most girls will laugh and smile at that which is good because most girls love to laugh. Just be yourself and try to be a friend first. Focus on trying to talk in person instead of going straight for impressing her.

But can u answer my latest question? Im doing this from my ipod so idk about posting the link. The first answer i got was kinda wrong cuz the guy has neer compared me to her thats not what i was trying to say. Just keep thatvin mind and check it out please?

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