I am going to buy mountain bike so I need advice?!

Question: I am going to buy mountain bike so I need advice?
I can not decide between this models
2011 Felt Q620
2011 Cannondale Quick CX3
2011 GT Avalanche 2.0 disc
2011 Trek Utopia

So please help me to decide which one.


They are all great bikes, go for a test ride and get the one that feels the best.

Man...you sure know how to stir the pot, don't ya? The best to me is none of the above. I've had a Diamondback for a few years & it's still tough as nails. What's best to one person may be trash to another. If I had to buy a replacement bike today, it would be one of the two linked below because I've had good luck with my current bike.

The only way to know which is best for you is test ride them.

Edit...Kudos to WLE again for his wit & wisdom.


Already asked and answered on the link above. Quote, "All the major brands make good bikes. Even though I'll list several, it's up to you to go test ride them & see which one fits you the best."

It's all about "fit & feel". No one here is going to tell you which one is "best" because "best" is a myth. All the major companies use basically the same parts from Shimano, SRAM and other companies. About all that changes are the saddles & the frame geometry of one bike vs. another. Test ride them all. Which one do you like the best? That one is the best.

Want a definitive answer...buy the blue one. Will that answer make you happy?

If you can't test ride it, don't buy it. I'll state again what others have said, they ALL make good bikes. They ALL use similar if not the same components. I've looked at this question & your other one from about 5-6 hours ago. I couldn't agree more with the answers from others.

Buy the red one. I like red. How's that?

Id go for the felt, better quality, light, less likely to fail;)

ask which ones will be on sale and when


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