Who is your favorite band/performer and why?!

Question: Who is your favorite band/performer and why?
This question needs two answers: Who your favorite band is AND who your favorite performer is along with explaining why. Remember, this survey is supposed to be for fun-whoever I feel put the most effort in their response will recieve best answer. :D


Linkin Park and Selena Gomez
I like Linkin Park because their music and lyrics are always meaningful and fun - yes fun :D Like their song called Nobody's Listening :D-, And the band members are really funny and awesome :)
I like Selena because her music is always catchy and fun.
Her songs always makes me want to dance :)
She jumps around on the scene and make her shows a party :)

Please no low ratings.
It's my personal opinion, and everybody's different ;)

Slayer, I love brutal imagery.

The Beatles/Paul McCartney-You don't need to know why.

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