Can someone help me with this isomer?!

Question: Can someone help me with this isomer?
Can someone help me with some information about the isomer 2-Methylheptane?

How many carbon atoms does it have?
How many hydrogen atoms does it have?
What are the types of bonds it has?
What is the differentiation between the hydrogen and carbon atoms?
What are its uses?
What is its common name?

You don't have to answer all of them if you can't.


a) heptane = 7 atoms, 1 methyl group = 1 atom, total 8 C atoms
b) It is an alcane, so if it contains n C atoms, it will contain 2n+2 H atoms. That's 18.
c) It contains covalent bonds, nothing else.
d) don't quite understand this, I learned all my chemistry in German
e) Nothing found. It might be part of gasoline.
f) should be Isooctane

Hope I could help.…

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