Why tall woman are intimidation to the oppisite sex?!

Question: Why tall woman are intimidation to the oppisite sex?
I'm 5'11, and i realialized man are intimidated, what should i do?


:) dont be, some guys actually dont mind and some think they are attracted. BTW is not really "intimidation" they are just simply used to the fact that they are used to being taller then the average woman (no rudeness intended btw) so they get really shy, its a combination of 30% intimidation and 70% shyness so to get your image off a "tall woman" picture frame just be really friendly of or extras friendly to cool down the soup lol what i like to say.
bottom line is, setting a friendly image to erase the tall woman picture that way dont wont be shy/intimidating so once you approach them or you approaching you you wont have any truble or any sort.

i really hope this helped you out and dont worry about your height 5'11/11'5 its the same thing in my world and the same for others, i wish you the best of luck and but you wont need it and thanks for taking your time to read this.

It's because a tall woman feels like a challenge to a man's strength, natural instinct. Personally, at 6'4" anything under 6' is fine for me.

most guys friends make fun of the guy Cuz they think if the girl is taller then the guy then the girl has more control

I'm 6'3 with a 6 foot girlfriend

They shy me away because I was always that tall women grow fast to get away from their smelly toes.

Well they realize that if they dump you they cud totally get theyr azz kicked.. pick a guy as tall as you >.>

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