Is it expensive to transfer from a Community College to a State college?!

Question: Is it expensive to transfer from a Community College to a State college?
So basically, I'm a junior, but high school has been pretty bad for me. I have slacked, a lot. My GPA is a 1.1. I'm projecting it to raise up to a 1.4 or so because I've done pretty well this year. I highly doubt that i'll be getting into any state colleges because of my gpa, but I still want to go to college. I want to start out at a community college, and transfer to a state school in 2 years(2014). How expensive will it be? And are there scholarships offered for people going from community to state? I really hope so. Hope for the future is something i haven't had in a while, so if anyone can answer this, i'll be extremely grateful.


A community college might require an entrance exam. Here in texas its the TASP. Which will determine if you'll need to take any remedial classes, specifically for math and english. If you do well you might be able to bypass the remedial course which may add a semesters worth of classes.

Community college is significant cheaper. My community college cost about $5-800 a semester with books. Two years later I transferred to a state university for approximately $2-2500 a semester. So it is quite doable. (Btw check with your state as sometimes you can count upto like $1000 off the first few years back on taxes... so refund!) Check with the financial aid office and fill out your fafsa.

The gps in high school might be a drawback, but if you do well at community college, it will speak volumes about your commitment to higher education. Look at what university and major program you want to get into will sometimes tell you what gpa you will need to get accepted.

When you transfer though, your community college gpa will sorta be overwritten by the university. So the only gpa that will matter is that final gpa when you graduate.

P.s. it might help motivate you to create a dream board. A pin up board where you can put up pictures of your dreams. Somewhere you see regularly. Could be your university, a cool car, your dream job, etc.

Best of luck!

My gpa was higher but I went to community college first due to finances. I was exempt from the tasp b/c I did well on taas. However, b/c I was a transfer I also avoided having to take the sat or act. (Will not get to avoid taking gre for graduate school though). But the essence of your question is yes absolutely you can do this. The money you'll save from the first two years by going to community college will help pay for later years.

Community colleges aren't very expensive, which is why many people start there even if they could have gotten into a state school. Some community colleges take everyone, but not all of them - some simply can't afford to and aren't allowed to raise tuition so they can (I'm looking at you, California). State colleges cost more, but still not nearly as much as private schools. There are scholarships if you do well, and the state schools also have scholarships.

I wasn't eligible for a Arizona State scholarship so I had to use a different route to get my scholarship money.

Gettting accepted will not prevent you applying for your school's own scholarship schemes so you don't have anything to lose give it a shot.

Here's the link ;

Hi Frank

You are obviously not academically oriented. Get into a vocational training program and quit screwing around with the thought of college. We need good technical people a lot more than mediocre liberal arts majors.

Proud father of an EMT and Father-In-Law of a computer tech

a 1.1 may not get u into a collage considering a 1.1 is barely a D. if u can get a 3.0 u can get a scholarship depending on ur state. its very expensive to go to collage tho. there are some small scholar ships u can look up. jus good scholar ships and they will pop up for u

well first it helps if you have good credit.
I did so I found that community college was way harder than the big state u (at least the 100-200 level classes).
It depends on the 4 year school, you want to go to the biggest possible because that's where the financial aid money is. Community college is hard, so do your best (dress as best you can it will raise your GPA by at least 1.5 points I promise you that)
while your their at comm college earning all As and Bs (maybe a couple Cs but don't accept anything more) start establishing and developing your credit. take out a loan now; a private loan get your mom or another adult that uses checks to pay bills to co-sign it. You have to pay it off slow so start doing that (it doesn't matter when you finish just slow) Get a credit card and start using it a little if your under 18 get mom to get you a card with your name on it from her cards (tell her she can use it she doesn't have to give it to u) it just makes getting money and lots (the loans etc) so much easier. you need to increase your fico score son so start up. Yeah I was in your sitch several years ago do your best I'm all good now

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