Event Planning for parents 25th anniversary?!

Question: Event Planning for parents 25th anniversary?
So, I am going to be running my parents 25th Anniversary on the 1st of May! All arrangements for catering and venue have already made. My job is to plan and organise the event.

My parents have said they want music and games but I want to make the day special for them.

I would really like any suggestions of what I can do to make this special and how do i go about planning them. There is a good mix of adults and children and I would also appreciate help with what games I can play and what other things I can/ need to organise to ensure the smooth sailing of the night!!!!

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!! :) It's a lunch..

All sorts of ideas are welcome! :)


There are plenty of things to do to make the night special, and it sounds like you are already doing a great job organizing things! Here are some of my ideas:

-If there is going to be any kind of dancing, be sure to include the song your parents used for their first dance. Clear the floor and let them relive the moment!

-Is there anyone musical in your family? My boyfriend and his older brother both performed at the anniversary party for their grandparents, and it was so great!

-Make a video of their life together. If you or someone you know can edit video, do it yourself, or else I'm sure you can find someone to help you. Use photos and video from when they were dating, their engagement, the wedding, the honeymoon, and home videos from their married life.

-Make a slide show of photos of your parents together and let it play throughout the evening. Or, if they have a wedding video, play it (with the sound low or off).

-Arrange who should give speeches/toasts at the event beforehand! This can be very sweet and touching but preparation is key.

-Provide a guest book or even a place for video messages to record the event.

-For games, trivia for the adults could be fun! Do trivia from the year or date of the wedding. You could also ask the guests to send you a baby picture or their wedding picture (if they are married) for an identification game. A wedding-themed scavenger hunt could be fun for everyone, and providing child gift bags (including things such as coloring books and other age-appropriate entertainment) when they arrive can help keep the kids occupied if the 'adult stuff' starts running a bit too long for them.

-Don't forget to make everything silver!

Hope that helped! Good luck, and congrats to your parents!

event planning intern

take them out to a really good restaurant that you can afford maybe even sing them a song or on the computer play a good game that they like and after that maybe leave them to be alone

Why not hire a professional entertainer?

its a great idea

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