What should I do for my 19th birthday...?!

Question: What should I do for my 19th birthday...?
That entails wearing a slightly formal dress? (NOT a club dress)
I was thinking maybe a restaurant, but which one? Nothing expensive please


Not knowing where you live and what restaurants are in your area...you can always google the ones near you and then you can see what their menu features, too. I do it all the time to see if I like what they have and how much it is.

Do you have a restaurant where they prepare the food in front of you like Arigato? That's always fun to watch and you can wear your dress....and it's not that expensive. Like I said, browse the establishments and take your pick.

You can open the birthday party, let your good friends to participate in, you can and they dance and sing. Buy big birthday cake, you together how lively. You can also call on your good friends went to playing in the playground.

You can at home with your parents and your best friend to do a party, you can open a memorable theme parties.

Have a party at home and have a theme...
A theme that would require something slightly formal could be masquerade!! You'll have the feathers and gloves! :)

Make it special since its the last year of your teen years

you should give a great party

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