How much food? 10 POINTS!!! FOR HELP!!?!

Question: How much food? 10 POINTS!!! FOR HELP!!?
For my birthday im going to have a birthday party at my house and im ganna have a water slide, water balloons, etc. So im going to have about 50 people at my party about 20 of them are going to be my friends (14 yr. olds) and im going to be serving
Pizza, Hot dogs, Hamburgers
Salad, Nachos, Potatoe Salad, chips w/ dip
For drinks= Soda, Lemonade, Caprison juice, and Hawiian Punch
That's it and then for dessert im going to have my cake, and ice-cream 2 types (cookies & cream ice-cream and sherbert flavored ice-cream)

*I wanted to ask how any boxes of pizza should i buy? Because i am also serving the hot-dogs, hamburgers, etc.
*How many large bags of chips should i buy?
*Should i count on 1 hot-dog, 1 hamburger per person ratio?
*How many liters of soda should i buy? How many boxes of Capri-sun should i buy? How many galloons of hawiian should i buy? How many liters of lemonade should i make?

Sorry so many questions im just having such a hard time deciding how much to buy! I dont mind having extra of stuff i just want to have enough for everyone. Because i know when im swimming and exercising i get hungry more often or more hungry. But anyway if this matters my party starts at 2:00p.m. Thank you in advance!


these answers are ridiculous....50 people at a party, all bottomless pits, and 5 pizzas??? two people can polish off one pizza with room to spare for another one.

No matter what else you have at the party to eat, they will all want pizza...all the hot dogs and burgers on the grill, the chips and dips...they will all ask the same question: when do the pizzas get here?

you may wanna get at least three of each kind of pizza: cheese, pepperoni and veggie may wanna go in for a subway sandwich, which they can make any length you want on fresh baked bread and fresh can put whatever you want on it too.

count on a quart of drink per every four peope is a gallon.

a big bag of chips and dipping chips goes a long way, especially with dip..its what people like to start off with cuz its savory, then they drift off to the hard stuff, burgers and dogs...til the pizza arrives of course

if you wanna cut back on the drinks , get frozen treats: popsicles and easy to freeze water ice in the plastic tubes...they come in all flavors and everyone likes them no matter how old...they're not just for kids. a box of 2doz. will freeze up giving you 6oz frozen flavored ices with no spill or mess, just tear off the plastic end and push up and slurp.

where burgers and hot dogs are involved, then there is a need for buns...and somehow, the bun is always to dry or too bready and half gets wasted... you may wanna try some corn dogs and frozen white tower burgers or i keep sayin'...

they're all gonna want pizza.

this is a party so there's no rationing out the goodies..count on at least one pizza for every three people.

they're only really gonna want hotdogs and burgers when they smell them cooking, so count on one each.

on giant bag of corn chips can last the whole party for dips.

get a three liter not 2liter but 3 litre of ginger ale and mix with a gallon jug of hawiian punch...make a gallon of lemonade and the rest cold juice boxes and capri suns....then marvel how everybody wants water.

if you really don't mind extra stuff and wanna keep your bases covered, get four cheese, four pepperoni and four veggie topped pizzas...

try to think how fast those pies would go in classroom full of hungry kids.

for extra fun, don't order all the pizzas at once,..order three large ones , one of each kind: cheese, pepperoni and veggie,.. watch how fast that goes, then order for another delivery...its kinda fun and exciting to have the pizzas delivered throughout the party, ...kinda like presents being brought in....that way the pies are always fresh and hot, and at that time of day, the delivery should be swift

8-10 pizzas
1 hotdog a piece and about half for the hamburgers
10 2liter drinks
3 gallons hp
and say 5 things of capri-suns so they all can have one!
Good luck and have fun!

Yes 1 hot dog per person is fine~
10 1litre bottles
10 capri sun adn 10 hawain

pizza- about 5 or 6 sense your also serving hotdogs and hamburgers
hotdog thing -yes you should count on that :P
id say about 2 of each drink that you have listed

Why are you worrying about it? Its not like you're the one buying all of that.

I just want to say: excellent answer from "little chinese girl"!! follow her advice...I couldn't have said it better myself....

the frozen pops are great to quench your thirst...good idea
having pizza deliveries coming throughout the day is another good idea (otherwise, no one's going to bother with the burgers and hots).

If I had to add anything: I would get cases of bottled water...again, shop the cheap places for them and just put things in a big tub of ice.

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