Atheists - what is your least favorite/most hated thing about Christianity...?!

Question: Atheists - what is your least favorite/most hated thing about Christianity...?
...aside from bigotry? What about the religion just rubs you the wrong way?

For the record, I'm not a believer. Just conducting a sort of poll, I suppose. :) If you previously belonged to another faith, feel free to substitute that in the place of Christianity (but let me know which one it is). Thanks for the opinions!


The best things about Christianity are the moral teaching, by which I don't mean the intolerance of individual Christians or many Christian churches.

The worst thing is that so many Christians ignore those moral teachings.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be known as the children of God."

As an atheist I don't hate Christianity. I see it as a way for people to find comfort in their lives. Not everyone is content with dying and that's the end. Others need it as a way to direct their moral lives and that's absolutely fine.

What bothers me is when people outright tell me that I'm an immoral person because I don't follow a religion (or specifically, their religion). I volunteer, I plan to teach children, I do my best not to pass judgement on others before getting to know them, I try to be there for friends, I have never done any drugs, I have never told someone that they were stupid for something they believed in or didn't believe in and I have never ignored someone who needed help.

And it seems that most of the people I encounter who think I'm evil or immoral are those in the Christian faith. Not all Christians say things like this, but some do. I had a Christian friend of mine tell me, outright, that I was going to hell because I had been sexually abused by a boyfriend. At the same time I've had Christian friends who are 100% understanding and compassionate people, able to carry on civilized debates without saying "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL"

So, my least favorite thing is the misunderstanding of morality being exclusive to the religious.

The fact that people who never asked to be born in the first place are condemned to hell. Worse yet, is that the Judgment has nothing to do with how decently or ethically they lived their lives, but whether or not they entered into some quasi-legalistic relationship with Jesus...

The incredible judgemental nature of many of it's believers. The pig-headness of many christians would be a close second though.

The claim that we live in a "Christian country" and that we should all be terribly respectful of their (ludicrous) beliefs.

Feck that.

Oh, and the infantile "logic" they use.

Missionaries - no other religious group I'm aware of has such an organized process to try and indoctrinate others into joining them.

indoctrination of young children, they sound so, young and have such possiblity, yet they repeat liek parrots stuff they have been taught, as if its fact rather than opinion
its scary actually

Aside from bigotry, I don't know. I guess I'd have to say hypocrisy. That pisses me off almost as much as their circle logic.

The Great Purple Hippo has spoken!!!

They are too rigid, self-righteous and judgemental. They are also hypocrites... telling others to live like Jesus while they touch small boys.


The ridiculous idea that people actually deserve "eternal torment" if they don't believe in a god.

Massive organization and childhood indoctrination.Those are really the only two I have a problem with.

Willful ignorance/intellectual dishonesty.

Probably the willful ignorance of the world


That they try to legislate their nutty beliefs.

Bible thumpers

The whole you will burn in hell for not believing in Jesus as your savior crap.

they think everything i say and do is wrong because i dont believe in god

Probably the fact that people feel like they can pick and choose what to follow..

The fact that God DEMANDS worship and kills those who don't give in to his demands.

The god part.
The conceit.
The despair..........

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