Do those who don't believe in God have nothing better to do than sit around and insult people?!

Question: Do those who don't believe in God have nothing better to do than sit around and insult people?
I was looking through the religion and spirituality section and realized that most of it is people making fun of belief in God. Is all you really have to do? Sit around and try to convince people that their faith is wrong? If that's the meaning of your life, that's really, really sad. Christians don't hate atheists, so why should you hate us? What is wrong in your life that you have to tell us that what we believe isn't true? And Christians who do try to convert atheists don't do it by making fun of them. Is it really so wrong for us to believe in a religion that teaches us to love everyone? I can't wrap my head around your immense immaturity and hatred for Christians.

Still, I love you. Because my God tells me to, and there is nothing you can say to change my mind, so get a life and stop trying.


I understand how you feel, but do not feel the need to take offense. We must forgive. Know where you stand in your own faith and keep yourself firmly rooted.

Although I am an atheist, I do not hate Christians or anyone else. The purpose of going on to the R & S section and analyzing the belief in God is to conduct intellectual debate. This is clearly the place to do that. If you feel insulted by the opinion that religion is based on irrationality, superstition, and fear, maybe this is not the right place for you.

It can seem that they don't behave with much sincerity unfortunately, but many appear to enjoy mocking. But really would you want to have no faith? I remember before I knew God, there was a futility to life, a loneliness, and also a dark guilt barrier whenever I tried to get close to God, which was genuinely spooky, I could see the dark blue smoke of wrath in the spirit. They are still in that dark valley.

I'm on here for like an hour a day. Obviously it's not the meaning of my life -- it's just something I do when I get bored.

I don't hate Christians; I hate Christianity.

"Is it really so wrong for us to believe in a religion that teaches us to love everyone?"
If your religion teaches you to love everyone, why do so many Christians insist on persecuting minority groups?

We dont hate theist... you claim we insult you when we say that your favorite deity is got zero trouble denying all the others religions and their deities like we do but we are insulting when we do that to you? If you want to believe in your religion be happy.... wrap your head around all you want, we really forgive you, we dont hate christians and for your knowledge of atheism, just the word athos was here 5 centuries before any christian or muslim exist...

I completely agree with you! I'm a Christian also and some of the things people put on here to make fun of us Christians and God, is pretty sad. I mean we dont sit around all day and just make fun of them!
Good question... :)

No need to insult you, you managed to make a fool of yourself all on your own.

It is sad that you probably can't even see the hypocrisy in your question...

Not all of the people who don't believe sit around and make fun of people who do believe. I don't. You just tend to notice those people more because they are the "loudest" so to speak.

Religion is a fairytale. Educate yo self before you subsequently wreck yo self.

Yeah.....thanks for the love.........what is wrong in my life is the problem of christianity poking it's big nose into my bedroom, just for starters!..............

Im not sure if you got my apology comments, anyways for those who dont believe in God they act like they are really sensitive when it comes to hearing about religions although religion is part of a person.

Insulting and warning are two different things.


I try to help people like you find the one thing that you are searching for, the truth.

You christians have nothing better to do except Piss me OFF

croc tear is an old habit in religion

If you can't handle the heat.......Keep coming back?

wait a minute....

I never insult anyone. Insults are the tool of the ignorant. No, no insults. Instead, I simply ask questions. Your religion says a couple of things, 1) that there is a god, and 2) that scripture is the word of god. These ARE what your religion CLAIMS, yes??? OK, so show me. I take these claims seriously, as seriously as a charge of murder. The problem YOU have is evidence that your claims are fact and not fiction. It should be EASY, trivial, for your all-powerful, all-knowing diety to produce the smoking gun which makes the case for god. I am on the jury. I need to see something more than just your word alone. You SAY these things. You WRITE these things. However, I have yet to see or hear something OTHER than WORDS, which by themselves prove nothing. Hearsay is NOT proof of anything. The printed page is no different. Your scripture is nothing but printed words without factual evidence. SOME historical events have been verified by historians, but the rest is still open, without any proof. So, in the end, I do not need any insults. I just ask you to show me the smoking gun that proves the case for the claim that there is a god... You lack credibility. Please explain to me WHY I should believe YOU or your Shamen when you SAY there is a god. If you want to believe, then by all means, DO so. i just consider the whole thing of religion to be a colossal waste of time and effort for no benefit. The 1st amendment says you can do as you please regarding religion just as it says I do NOT have to do as YOU do.

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