Race,would you argue in favor of race existing or Against, what are your arguments,and please have fact.?!

Question: Race,would you argue in favor of race existing or Against, what are your arguments,and please have fact.?

According to reports several years ago, genetic analyses have shown that the differences between one Scotsman and an unrelated Scotsman are usually larger than the average differences between Scotsmen and Japanese men. This means that the concept of "race" is objectively meaningless.

I am an advocate of diversity. I think it would be boring if there was just one human race and we were all the same, all equal. That would take the fun out of traveling, seeing the different types of people and cultures around the world whether they be white, black, asian, mestizo, or indian. But we are a world of many races and many cultures. We should preserve our diversity and not blend into a potpourri of one coffee colored consumer marxist culture. So I do not like "multiculturalism" in any countries. "Multiculturalism" is only happening to white countries and all white countries. No one is telling africans to be tolerant and accept millions of non-africans until africans are a minority in their own country. It is genocide against white people.

I believe race is a differentiation initiated by people, and caused by environment originally. ***** is an example, or whatever you want to call it. Indian is another, and American Indian. Then you have Caucasian, which here is European based. American Indian is native to America. Indian native to India, I guess.

The human races exist because different groups of ancestors grew up on different parts of the planet. Those different parts still exist. While whites CAN and DO exist in South Africa, getting that much sun every day is not healthy without having some protective melatonin.

What races are and whether they exist is really up to the definition of "race". Clearly groups of people with cohesive and distinct gene-pools exist, but would you call that a race? I wouldn't.

Race is nothing more than a political designation and has little or no valid reason to exist. There is less than .001% genetic difference between the most diverse groups of people on the Earth.

I could care less.

I'd rather not dignify a subject like 'race' with a discussion though.

There is only one race of any importance, and that is the human race.

Races exist in dogs, but there is no reason to think that they exist in humans. We are simply too closely related.

Is this religious or spiritual?

WTF are you talking about?

The human race exists and you belong to it. Is this a tricky question?


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