what do you think of how I handled this situation with my guy?!

Question: What do you think of how I handled this situation with my guy?
We have been dating for several months. He is often distant once a month since I've known him, where I don't hear or see him for a week or so, then he comes back like nothing happened. Lately we haven't been spending too much time together. About him he is divorced, with a small child, overbearing exwife and lost his job about six months ago. About me, divorced but no kiddies, in the process of changing careers. We both have our stresses but I don't nag or complain and give him free time.

Well I guess I wanted to rock the boat for a change and told him that I feel lonely when he withdrawals with no explanation and how we should make time for each other. He then proceeded to making plans with me ( breakfast date ) but never showed and texted me he overslept. I am mad and we haven't reached out to each other. It's been 2 weeks. I feel that I did nothing wrong just shook the boat a bit perhaps to change the direction of the relationship. Thoughts?


You did absolutely nothing wrong. Dont listen to the person who said "he overslept give him a break"

The fact is, you two are dating.. and he is obviously in the wrong here by being distant once a month and not hearing from him for a week.. thats weird and inconsiderate.

If you talked to him about it and then ditches you at breakfast, he doesnt seem like he cares too much. so walk away from him.

He either has another woman or thats just the way he is. I use to have a friend who did that, that is how he dealt with stress. As a friend I understood, but if I was his GF, it would have drove me nuts.

If you can't deal with it, tell him you want to part ways.

If he disappears once a month for a week, every month, he is cheating or is on drugs. There is just no other logical explanation

So... why exactly are you mad?? The guy overslept, give him a break. Stuff happens.

You know what it is.. your upset because your not getting enough attention.

He's just not that into you.

No I don't think you have done anything wrong. But this is not right , the guy just turns Mr. Invisible basically, as and when he wants.. I am a woman & i will not like if my man did this to me..Communication needs to be open all times ..& it's not 1 way traffic.

As for your breakfast date situation: I would have gone to the guy's home & woken him up & got him to make breakfast for me...that way you know for sure if he's at home sleeping ...& the way he treats you is an indication of what is to come in future.....

But always trust your instincts ...


He is not that interested in you and a big liar. Get rid of him and no contact even text. Its zippo dont bother me again.!


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