is the premier league too physical?!

Question: Is the premier league too physical?
about 5-10 years ago when you had the likes of Dennis Bergkamp, roy keane, teddy sheringham, patric viera in arsenal, david beckham and zola the prem seemed to be more about tactics and formation with fancy football.

and today i see most teams filled with players over 6ft with very bulky physique who use there weight to win balls in tackles and in the air, players try and barge past there opponents regardless if its a foul or not. i see alot of poor passing now in the prem

i wish the prem had the class of a liga. players like messi, david villa, kun aguero


I completely agree, football these days in England would prefer the bulky, big man over the smaller more technical person and its a shame because this is not the way foot ball is meant to be played neither the reason it was created. It was supposed to be played with elegance and grace, mesmerized by beautiful passes and teamwork. I notice that there are alot more injuries in the EPL then there are in any other league, you have teams like stoke who go after the bones rather then the ball.

All in all, I think EPL back in the day was alot more beautiful to play mostly because it wasnt as physical and there werent as many breaaks in the game because of fouls and poor play.

That's the problem with England and their National Team.

Their mentality--Stronger, bigger, bulkier players>Technique which is not TRUE, if they say that I'm wrong than they need to open their eyes and see that Spain who most of their players are not even close to 5'10'' won both the Euro 2008 and FIFA World Cup 2010. Barcelona, which consist of mostly the players of Spain NT and play exactly like the Spanish NT, are considered the best team in the world, and look at their players almost none of them are big or bulky looking. Yes, aggression and physicality are a nice tool and can come to an advantage but to rely on only that is not the way to go.

again look at England and then look at Spain. Who has accomplished more at the international level and who which use more technique and which one mostly rely on physicality?

I'd agree that there seems to be an increase in aggression in football these days - but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Aggression often reflects passion, which I'd much rather see than players who are uninterested, don't chase down the ball or commit to winning a game.

Having said that, the more players throw their weight around, the more likely the other person is to go down. The one thing I hate about football is how easily some players fall to the ground at the slightest contact!

Its not like the prem doesn't have the class of La liga its just in the prem you don't have much time on the ball as you do in La liga to do pretty passing all the time i would love to see these pretty passing spanish teams trying to pretty pass week in week out in the prem it wouldn't last

Isn't that what football is about? Even Messi as tiny as he is, uses his might to win/shield balls when need be. Don't be fooled with bulky physique!!! Maradona was tiny but rarely would he lose possession even when tackled, don't you suppose he used his might?

Not physical enough, I hate seeing players go down when someone breathes on them. Ref's need to stop giving petty fouls, but I'm not going to go off on another rant about officials.

No not enough, i would like to see them jazz it up into a roller-ball type sport with plenty of blood and guts and old fashioned gore!.

Not players rolling around on the floor after cutting their toenails.

so what?
it's football at it's purest version!

well obviously..

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