Why do atheists see only what they want to see?!

Question: Why do atheists see only what they want to see?

They cannot see what is Spiritual .. Atheists are Logical Not Spiritual

They Dont Believe Anti Theos.



How do you know that? How do you know that atheists see only what they want to see? Can you provide examples of this? I don't think so....I think this is simply your opinion and, with people like you, it's easy to turn your opinion into fact.

I dispute you - I think you are just making this up to challenge atheists. Adults don't do things like this - at least, they shouldn't. It's akin to lying and lying is immoral, isn't it?

@What atheistic bigotry??? - They love to explain away the evidence of God and promote such a depressing, meaningless life. I think they're depressed and are sadistic enough to want to make others want to be depressed also <<<< Listen, Sonny! I have a wonderful life - I have strong family ties, I have friends - some of whom I've know for over 50 years, I have grandchildren!. I am not depressed; I am not anxious - I'm fine and will remain fine and making up stories like this only makes you look lame.

Why do theists wantto see things that aren't there?

Atheists only ask for actual evidence before they "believe".

Why is that so difficult to grasp?

Isn't that how we all conduct other aspects of our lives?

You want a jury to convict without evidence?
How about having a doctor diagnose without exam?

you mean how creationists deny the existence of fossil evidence of hominids millions of years old and simply pretends those fossils don't exist because it's not what they want to exist?

i've never met an atheist who would not read up on any legitimate studies and evidence proving the existence of god if there were any. atheists usually don't "see what they want to see" but accept what has been proven. for instance, i doubt the study proving our earth is doomed once the sun turns into a red giant is very comforting or something someone would want to believe if given the choice, but atheists still accept that it is going to happen because sitting there and saying "nuh uhhh god will protect us" will not make it untrue.

not religious, not atheist, but i have a lot of atheist friends

The answer to any god's existence is unimportant.

I don't bother arguing about the existence or absence of any god because it is pointless. The only people who have a vested interest in the outcome of that debate are believers, because if they are wrong, their salvation is nonexistent. Atheists lose nothing either way. The message of unconditional love, tolerance, and complete acceptance is far more important than arguing over whether some instantiation of a god walked the Earth 2,000 years ago.

If proof convinced me a god exists, I would change absolutely nothing in my life or my behavior.

If evidence convinced you that your god does not exist with certainty (evidence according to your standards of proof), what would you change in your life?

- Would you stop evangelizing?
- Would you start sinning more?
- Would you run amok?
- Would you stop helping those less fortunate than you?
- Would you feel that life is meaningless (no Raison d'être)?

If you answered yes to any of these, I would suggest you have no morals because of an inability to tell right from wrong or to find meaning and purpose in your life.

UNFORTUNATELY, Christian dogma has convinced too many people into believing that mitzvahs (good deeds) have no meaning without their Jesus loyalty pledge. They also feel that emulating their Jesus without actually believing in him is pointless. The terms for this way of thinking are unprincipled and dogmatic. Before you get your knickers in a twist, I'm not referring to salvation at all.

I don't. I've found many a beautiful theory being killed by an ugly fact.
No rose tinted glasses, admitting only things favourable to my current paradigm.

There is a property inherent in faith that seems to fall in a blind-spot for both the bible and modern Christians:
Faith can go off in *any* direction, be had in almost anything, and it will then find confirmation of the chosen object of faith. It can't do anything else.

Of course Faith can be had in God.
Or Vishnu, or John Frumm, or...

If faith is the key, then it unlocks each and every one. Faith in...

What you refer to as "faith," we refer to as superstition, irrationality, and fear. The existence of a Judeo-Christian deity to whom you refer as "God" has never been proven. Therefore, it makes no sense to believe that a magical deity created mankind and the earth.

I don't see what I want to see. I want to see the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but I don't. I want to see bigfoot, but I don't. I want to see a gorgeous girl in my bed, but I don't.

I only see what actually exists.

I see what I'm presented, and I'm rather open-minded about it.

What I've yet to be presented, regarding the existence of any god, is evidence that is A) credible; B) unambiguous; and C) rational, logical, and quantifiable.

That's a good question. They love to explain away the evidence of God and promote such a depressing, meaningless life. I think they're depressed and are sadistic enough to want to make others want to be depressed also.

Actually confirmation bias is a well known and ubiquitous documented fact. Atheist, and believer alike all suffer from it.

But that is why we have the scientific method, to create tests that help us overcome our shortcomings.

--not superstitious

I see what I see...

'Want' has nothing to do with it...

I 'want' to see a million bucks in my lap too... guess what?

Your god is like my million bucks... your 'faith' is your 'want'...

Show me the million and I'll 'accept' it exists... until then..


You need faith to believe in Santa Claus.
You need faith to believe in the Loch Ness Monster.
You need faith to believe in the Easter Bunny.

Oddly.. I don't believe in those myths either.

Reality > blind faith

Well I can only speak for myself, but in my case it's because I refuse to wear glasses. I have a small head and a big body (my shoulders are muscular and big) so when I put on glasses it just shrinks my face even more.

It's not that "we see only what we want to see", it's that you don't understand what is evidence. Anecdotal evidence doesn't qualify as evidence. Nor do claims like "you need faith".

Why do Christians see only what they want to see?
I am an atheist and I believe FULLY in the existence of a god for others.
Those people are too self-centered to see that there's a WORLD out there.

"You need faith to believe in God"

Quite. And what's faith? The belief in something without reason or evidence. In other words....."seeing what you want to see".

The irony in this question is almost painful.

i have wide open eyes my friend..i watch the news.... i see what your faith does for people.. ill pass
i suggest you open your eyes... youre looking through rose mary colored glasses...and thus, a skewed perception of reality

You either need a brain glitch or some heavy indoctrination to believe in a god, I would argue.

Same way Christians only pick and choose what they want to believe.
*Nice Verse*
*Nice Verse*
*Genocidal Verse*: OH!!!! Well that's CLEARLY just a message and not literal!!!!

This can also be said for believers. At least atheists are starting with a clean slate.

I’m pretty sure you have a typo there… replace atheist with Christian and you got it right on the dot.

You need faith to believe in Santa.

To bad you are spiritually blind and your heart is closed to Santa.

You think its appealing to be alienated from 90%+ of the planet?

Same reason non-atheists see only what they want to see.

Kill. Your. Self.

I wanted to believe an all-loving, all-powerful being was watching out for us. No evidence supports that claim.

Same reason Christians see only what they want to see.

I see the truth, nothing but the truth and that is how I like it.

I need proof. Sorry.

This can be said about Xians as well. Why do Xians *see* only....what they want to *see*?

Answer that...

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