Am I being harsh by not replying to his texts?!

Question: Am I being harsh by not replying to his texts?
I've met this guy 5-6 times. We met on new year's, he was my new year's kiss and at the end of the party, I added my number into his phone.

Since then, we hung out a couple of times but only at parties and never just one-on-one. One of his guy friends told me that he's close with this other girl who he's known for a while, so I confronted him and created a total scene at a party about it and he said that they barely ever talk and that he does like me.

I didn't talk to him for 3 weeks and then texted him and apologized for over reacting. I told him that I don't like to be one of many or somebody that he only sees when he's drunk but that he seemed like a really great guy if he still wanted to hang out.

He replied that yes, he did but that it should just be as friends. I said that that was fine by me. It did, of course bug me but I wasn't about to over react or embarrass myself again.

After that, he texted me every weekend seeing what I was up to and asking me if I wanted to hang out. Plans always fell through, sometimes my fault, sometimes his. I saw him at a friend's party about 3 weeks ago and he came up and said hi a couple of times and was very polite, but he told my friend that he thought I was angry at him. I couldn't help it though because I'm not used to being told that somebody wants to be "just friends". I'm flirty by nature, so it makes me nervous.

So considering how many problems have come up since we've met, I ignored a text he sent me last friday asking "hey what are you doing tonight". Again, last night, he sent the exact same text. I didn't reply, but I feel kind of bad now.

Anyways, the gist of this question is that I don't know if this guy is a major player, is completely clueless, likes me, genuinely wants to be friends or is just looking for a party to go to on the weekend.


I would say that it sounds as if the guy was being genuine, and you were very harsh on him which probably scared him off. You weren't together and had only met up at parties a few times, yet there was you in the middle of a party making a scene because he was talking to another girl? If it was me, I wouldn't even be speaking to you any more I'm afraid, so he must like you to ignore the "clingy stalker alert!" warning bells. If you're so mistrusting and possessive now, then what would you be like with a guy you're actually with?

He sounds like trouble and bad news. Don't make any more contact with him. You can do better.

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