Do I have Depression?!

Question: Do I have Depression?
I mostly always feel sad, i dont really have that many people to talk to exept my family. I do have some friends but dont really hang around with them reali, because they are with other friends or are busy, and they never text me or call me to ask ever.

I feel sad and alone most of the time and im always at home. I mostly always go to bed at 1 or 2am in the morning and always get up at 1pm in the day. I feel like il never get a job to.

I love playing video games I play them everyday for hours. Im a huge gamer.

I get bored sometimes when i dont feel like playing games and i jus get sad.

I dont feel motivated to do anything

Im 18 by the way.


Sadness,lack of motivation, sleeping too much or too little, are some of the symptoms of depression. Too much time on the computer takes time away from being with friends and i have a feeling you prefer to be alone. I do understand how you feel. You do need to see an internal medical doc to see if you are having any physical problems.just tell him/her the truth.They see this all the time. If you do have depression(and I think you do) there is lots of hope and many treatments.


Definately sounds like a mild form of depression, if it lasts for long periods of time like you say "almost always" that's a clear sign of depression. Depression is often eased by talking about it and since you haven't had many people to talk to you haven't had a chance to get it off your chest. Go to your doctor and tell him how you've been feeling, they may or may not give you medication but they will definately give you advice for your case. Hope you feel better soon :)

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Sound like its a mild depression but it sounds like you can fix it yourself by finding out what you really want in life. You might just be a bit lost for the moment and its okay to be in this place for a while but work out seriously what you wanna do with your life as this is no long term solution.
What are you good at? What did you work as before? Would you like to go back to college? You need some support to get you up and into something that you love. Any courses about designing playstation games? Make a career out of something you love it can be done.

It sounds like mild depression but is based on environmental factors. Its very hard to feel happy all day long when its so hard to see your friends. I am in the same situation kind of. Well I'm always up for doing new things or going places, hanging out with friends but the few that I have are often busy now. When I was younger I always had lots of friend but since leaving school and college it seems to get harder to keep in contact with people. You need to make the first step and contact them though otherwise its easy to forget about people. I find thats the best way to keep busy. You will find all of a sudden you will be in demand with everyody, and wont be able to spread your time. Its always the way but stay positive and remember your friends are always at the end of the phone.
Maybe its time to think about traveling and go on a workig holiday. MAY IS THE SEASON IT ALL STARTS

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