should i go home or should i go to a party as planned?!

Question: Should i go home or should i go to a party as planned?
i felt fine this morning when i made plans. but now i feel like crap, but i still really wanna go party. i would be drinking and i have a sinus infection. is that bad?


If you don't feel good skip it. You can always go out some other time but right now you need to rest and get better. I don't think it is bad in you are drinking while you have a sinus infection, but you definitely should not drink if you are on antibiotics.
The choice is yours but I don't think you will feel much better tomorrow if you go out tonight.

you were good when you made plans but not anymore... you can always cancel your plans, go home and take care of yourself. right now you still have a choice to go home or not, but since you have sinus infection, better go home, take a good rest, go to bed early, when you feel better then you can start planning where to party ;)

Follow you inner sense. If your inner being think otherwise than it's not a good idea to go to the party. I have so many regrets for not following my inner sense.

I think you should stay home and get better, The beer will probably make it worse. Stay home and find something fun to do at home.

stay home finger yourself, what else is better

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