Has anyone got hen party ideas/themes ?!

Question: Has anyone got hen party ideas/themes ?
Hi am trying to organise my sisters hen night for her we all want to dress up but not as the boring angels bunnies etc we want to be different any ideas ???
It's gonna be in the summer so less is best ??



Summer Time! Think Hawaiian, Hula hula and beach party!


Sexy Sailor fancy dress alwyas looks good when there's a big group of you:


Take a look at the Fancy dress section for ideas (Where's Wally is a popular one at the moment!)


And there's loads of Hen night accessories on that site too!

Have Fun xx

Barbi Girls. Tiny bathing suits and high heeled sandals; tight black pants and pink boob tubes, ridiculously fluffy evening gowns and a pink limo...you can chose a theme from anytime over the past sixty years give or take...Or take a look at some of the old black and white movies, the Thin man series for instance, and the evening dresses worn by the female stars..a few yards of almost nothing and no where to hide your undies..gorgeous gowns!

If you want to be really simple, give everyone a few pieces of fabric in different sizes when they arrive and then help each other make complete outfits with knots a couple of safety pins and no sewing or cutting allowed ..and make sure that you have made allowances for the larger girls. again a limo..rags to riches.

Or go for The Brides a B...h..and everyone wear the ugliest bridesmaid gown they can find, including the bride of course..buy them second hand and wear makeup to go with them.

"Baywatch Babes">>>do a beach theme, sun and surf thing....give out fun awards : best tan, best beach hair, etc.

Use kids' sand pails as holders of some easy foods...other "props" can be added to food table: plastic crabs, starfish, etc.

Serve easy foods like crab dip, shrimp to go along with the theme....and if you can hold it around a pool area, that would be good..(but don't have to).

you could have an american idol party!

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