What are some fun things to do at a girl's 13th birthday party?!

Question: What are some fun things to do at a girl's 13th birthday party?
I need some fun games. My party is April 8th and I only have three things to do, truth or dare, trampoline, and a bonfire. I don't wanna spend a lot of money on it. 30 people are coming to the party.
oh boys and girls are coming, by the way.


lol i was 13 like 7 years ago but i remember how you feel its the awkward age, your in like grade 7 or 8 right ? spin the bottles a fun one, 7 minutes in heaven is annoying and nothing ever happens in that closet so its a waste of time ! Remember that your only 13 sweetie lol, you still have high school to experience everything else !

You can try this game never have i ever , basically you go around a circle and one at a time someone says never have i ever ___________ (blank) . So you say something like Never have i ever kissed a boy, it doesnt mean that you never have but everyone around you girls and boys that HAVE done it have to do something funny, we usually do a drinking game, but you too young for that... so think of something fun and original. renting sccary movies is fun too

Rent a scary movie and get everybody SCARED!!! lol

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