Bachelorette surprise party..need help with ideas!!!?!

Question: Bachelorette surprise party..need help with ideas!!!?
I am throwing my sister a PG13 (LOL) bachelorette surprise party and I need some ideas..the theme is Love is in the air..colors..pinks,reds,white valentines day.i need decoration ideas(the cheap the better) and some food ideas that are cheap and easy to make..we are do is a small 5 person my living/dining room.i have some activties planned but if you got any ideas i would love to here them..thanks and happy spring! <3


Top Mellow Game: A real fun game that is played at many bridal showers is to first speak with the groom and pick 20 questions such as, "What is your favorite color?", "What is your favorite movie?", "What is your favorite song", "What is your most embarrassing moment?", and more! Have the bride-to-be show you how many she gets right! This game always gets a laugh when you choose more intimate questions!

With Valenines just last month you may be able to find Vday materials in stores for little of nothing. YOu should try Michaels, Party City and AC Moore for these bargins.

How about a Spa bachelorette party - whether at home or at a spa do an evening of relaxation.

Or consider a Silly & Fun Night - What things did you enjoy as a kid. Do a Girl's night out and go to an amusement park, bowling, comedy club or do improve games at home, roller skating, etc... Add more fun dress the part, 70's, 80's etc...

Do a clean photo scavenger hunt, they create a list of silly but fun photos for you to take and maybe things to collect. Clean and fun! Here are some bachelorette party games some clean and some not but not to bad.…

If they are looking for game ideas - found some that could work here but also look at kids games and adapt for your event. They could be fun.…

As far as finger food you can shop in the frozen food sections and picture some foods from there and dress it up such as meatballs. You can buy the ready made ones and throw a jar sauce on them and let simmer. TGIF Has a variety of foods (spinach dip, quesadilla etc)

If you want something more gourmet perhaps most if not all pof the food can be the color pf your theme,. With matching tableclothes napkins etc.

Here are a few more ideas

Photo Garland

Photo garlands make charming timelines of the bride and groom's childhoods -- and festive decorations especially for a bridal shower. To make, sew glassine envelopes with the flaps open (we used pink envelopes) together, end to end, on a sewing machine; glue photos (or copies of them) to colored paper, and slide them inside.

Pink Floral Centerpiece Idea

Heart Centerpiece

Any romantic knows that beautiful blossoms are the heart of the matter -- especially when their stems are cut short and they're gathered into tiny vases or glasses arranged in the unmistakable shape of affection. This is the perfect centerpiece for a pink bridal shower

Crepe Paper Flowers

Flowers crafted from colorful tissue or crepe paper are graceful, inexpensive to make, and always in season. Arrange them on tables, use as corsages for the guests, or create a whole bouquet for the bride-to-be.

Heart Place Cards

The ancient art of Japanese paper folding was used to make this romantic design, complete with a pocket for a place card. Making the 3 1/4-inch-high stand-up heart shape is surprisingly simple. Choose 6-inch square origami papers with a pretty pattern or different color on each side (we used a pink patterned paper for the heart and solid pink paper for the place card); both will be visible in the heart.

Pink and Red Fortune Cookies

Let your shower guests know you feel fortunate to have them at the party with these charming pink and red fortune cookies filled with treats or special messages. Make an extra-special bunch for the bride-to-be and ask guests to write special fortunes for her

Personalized Candy Bars

Store-bought chocolate repackaged in a homemade pink wrapper -- the underside of which reveals a handwritten note -- tastes doubly delicious.

Pink Quizzes

Make a quiz about the love story of the bride and groom to test the knowledge of your shower guests. Spring coils of quilling paper (paper sold in precut strips) are glued to the ends of pink artist's pencils to make average pencils look special and add a fun twist to the quiz taking

Happy party planning!!

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