Does this sound okay for my 14th birthday?!

Question: Does this sound okay for my 14th birthday?
Ok so there'll be like 4-6 of us and I cant have a birthday party at my house because its so small and is only big enough for my family.
I was thinking I'd meet everyone at pizza hut and have a buffet there and get the pizza to hve candles on request. With like balloons everywhere, and we'd take pictures.
But then thats it =/ Or is that enough?
I mean the buffets gna cost about £7, theres a cinema next door shall i get everyone 2 watch a movie after that as a finale thing or should it just be pizza hut? xx
Please i really need helpp!!!!!!!!


i think watching a movie would make the night, either way you're going to have alot of fun anyway and of course your friends will too, dont worry about it! :)

I'd do both but don't pay for your friends to go to the movies unless u have enough money. Just tell them its optional and to bring money for that. And make sure u have plenty of time to eat and chat before the movie starts.

movie is better maybe even beastly or the movie redridinghood,or eclispse

ME !3

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