Question about my drunken night ( black out )?!

Question: Question about my drunken night ( black out )?
A few days ago, I went to the bar with a guy friend.
We have only hung out a few times together.

We got pretty tipsy at the bar, and then after we left the bar we went to his friends house.

I don't remember anything but making out with him, and him asking me to take my shirt off but I said no. That is ALL I remember.

I know I had a tampon in that night, because I had my period. After we hung out I drove home.

( I DONT REMEMBER what we talked about at his house, I DONT remember if he took my pants off, I don't remember anything)

I am always scared of t.s.s. so I THINKKKKKKKKK I took my tampon out when I got home, but I never put one back in and I woke up in the morning and my sweatpants were covered in blood.

I don't remember if I took my tampon out before I went to bed, or if me and him had sex that night and he took it out. I am so confused.... I want to ask him if we did, but I don't want him to LIE to me.

Has anybody been in this situation before? I've never been in the situation where I DONT remember stuff. I am soooooo scared :(((

And please don't judge me, everyone makes mistakes, I've learned my lesson to never drink this much again. So please help me :((

I am just wondering how to go about asking him... I don't want him to think I'm some crazy stalker chick, that is accusing him of things you know?


So you say you learned your lesson. I hope you did.

You may believe that it's possible for a girl to have sex and not remember it because she was drunk or whatever. On TV and in the movies they like to have scenes where this happens because they're oh-so-funny (not). The truth is, though that if you have had sex, you'd know it. Your vagina would be a little sore. Or if it's the first time, a LOT sore.

Stop drinking. At all.

Yeah, you should definately ask him. Tell him exactly what you wrote here about blacking out and the tampon thing...if you're still skeptical, get yourself tested in about 3 weeks for stds and a pap smear just to make sure everything's normal. Some stds or abnormalities don't show symptoms, so it's always a good idea to take precautions. And yes, everyone does make mistakes, just be safe from now on.

Just ask, you can't judge him and he can judge you.

i think u shuld just ask em just be like i was drunk n im not sure wat happened. just ask em wat happened for all u knw he doesnt remember either.

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