HELP!! i am turning 14 in june and i really need some inexpensive, yet fun party ideas.?!

Question: HELP!! i am turning 14 in june and i really need some inexpensive, yet fun party ideas.?
i don't really want a huge party, i was thinking like two of my close friends.i want it to be memorable for me and my friends. most girls have mall or sleepover parties..i want something different. something creative that doesn't break the bank. (:


-photography scavenger hunt
-makeover day
-get watermellons, cut holes in them and hollow them out to make shoes, stick feet right on in and enjoy
-make t-shirts with puff paint and spray paint
-bake something delicious
-go to pond and feed local ducks
-board games
-thrift store shopping for goofy outfits
-make lots of pudding and use it to paint (there are many different colors)

choclate fountain, wip/ shaving cream fight, water balloon fight, man hunt(hide n seek w. teams), scavenger but you have to do stuff instead like: catch a lizaard alive or take a pic of the team by a fire hydrit, or need to find 5 cars with a bumber sticker ofthe gators.. fun unique stuff like that! Blackops if ur a guy, facials if ur a girl..

I would hope a clothes swap party. Get everyone to bring three items of clothes they never wear and then you can all swap your old clothes for something new. You could then do make overs, try new hairstyles and make up to complete your new looks. Have fun!

Here's some fun 14th birthday party ideas you could use…

Happy Birthday!

you should shaka fufu on the beach

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