13th birthday party ideas?!

Question: 13th birthday party ideas?
I'm turning 13 in a couple months and I need an idea for the theme. I want something big but the budget is around 400-500 dollars. I want something with details and fun, but I need to be able to make the decor! thanks!



Fear Factor Party. Here are the top ten fear factor party games http://www.queen-of-theme-party-games.co…

Camping Party. check out http://www.queen-of-theme-party-games.co…

Pool Party - for fun teen pool party ideas try http://www.queen-of-theme-party-games.co…

Neon Glow in the dark Party http://www.queen-of-theme-party-games.co…

For a HUGE list of fun teen party themes check out http://www.queen-of-theme-party-games.co…

~ Good Luck


-Dancing Party! You know like a DJ + your fave songs playing. Make the room all sparkly w/ glitter and stuff!
-Huge Sleepover! Have your fave snacks + movies + invite about 10 friends or more :D Put out movies to pick from and TONS of drinks, snacks and SWEETS!
-Carnival B-Day Party! With popcorn, pretzels, soda, cotton candy, games + activities, and lots more! (I'm having this for my B-Day in a few months too!)
-OutDoor Fun! Tell your friends to wear casual clothes and just plan some games and activites outside!
-Water-Party! Go to Fort Rapids or Zoombezi Bay or some water park with your friends! Or you can just play outside in your pool (if you have one) or sprinklers, hose, and water balloons anyone? :D
-Pretty Afternoon! Go to a beauty salon w/ friends and get manicures, peticures, facials, and have tea and dinner at a resteraunt after.
Grown-Ups For A Day! Go in a limo everywhere, wear fancy clothes, and you get to tell your little bro/sis what to do for once! (I went in a limo at my friend's 12th b-day and it was... AWESOME!!!) Hope I helped! :D

I am also turning 13 in a couple months and these are the themes I chose from! (I went with the carnival and a sleepover after, all in one day!) :D Hope I Helped! :D (again! :P)

Buy lots of mountain dew and red bull. Also margarita mix (non alcoholic) and Ginger ale and mix it together it's frikken amazing hah. Umm maybe just rent a resturaunt or a classic skating out and just invite lot of people or just keep the money and tell your friends to go home it's your choice.

Las Vegas
theme with all of the above and strobe lights and fog machine if you want idk

My 13th birthday partayayaya

You should just have a big sleepover. Invite your friends around, talk, watch movies, play games, and eat junkfood. You could even camp out in your garden. Inexpensive, yet really fun.
Or if you don't want a sleepover, just have a disco/club at a local area, invite friends, hire a DJ and have a good night?

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