my 13th birthday party?!

Question: My 13th birthday party?
ok so im turning 13 late may... i don't know what i want to do for my party. Im aloud to have a big party and i want it to be coed but i don't know what we should do someone suggested a manhunt party in the dark since i live in the woods someone els said a dance but i have no were to have it!! any other ideas?? also since it will be my bday party what should i do about presents since there would be a lot of people there?? so any ideas for a party? make sure its coed

oh also since its late may i can also have a party during the summer and i have a beach house


you should have a bonfire thing in the woods and have places to sit down and music and tables with food on and you should get lights some how around the trees and decorate it all, thats what i would do :)


Well you could do laser tag or you could have dance in the woods lol you could have beach party at night with a Bon fire at night and have fireworks you could have pool party if you have your own pool or a membership to one be creative

Turned 13 a while ago

happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you should play hide and go seek in the dark woooodss YAY hehe...and serve lotssss of foooood!

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