What happens if I freeze my pee?!

Question: What happens if I freeze my pee?
No, seriously. What would happen? I don't really have the guts to do it myself, because I live with other people and would imagine the entire freezer would smell like urine. I do not want my freezer to smell like pee, because I keep delicious popsicles and chicken and other things in there. But yeah, what would happen? For some reason, I can't imagine pee freezing. I just want to know out of curiosity. Does anyone know?


Why? I'm sure they're freeze like other liquids except Whiskey. I got a box of sh.t in the freezer right now, I hope somebody else don't mistake it for chocolate icecream.

Why would you want to freeze your urine? If you do decide to go through with this freeze your urine in a plastic container with a top. Man I would not want to eat nothing from your house. You maybe freezing your feces next. LOL!

Umm, if you freeze your pee you have frozen pee and it's not a good joke or prank.

Pee would freeze because it is mostly water.

what happens is it turns from liquid to solid that easy

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