I wanna make a slurppe but what is Club Soda?!

Question: I wanna make a slurppe but what is Club Soda?
I wanna make a slurpee and i need this what is it and how does it look like and where can i get it


You can get Club Soda at any Grocery store, Drug store, Convienence store, etc.
It's pretty much just carbonated water, it comes in a pop-bottle and reads "Club Soda".
Substitutes for Club Soda include but are not limited to- Seltzer, Perrier Water, and Sparkling water.

Hope I helped!(:

Club soda is also called Seltzer water, it basically carbonated water (no flavor). San Pellegrino is a fancy brand, but any grocery store should have a basic seltzer water.

You find it in the soda isle of the grocery store or at a liquor store. It is a sparkling clear nasty soda used most often in alcoholic beverages.

You're kidding, right? Who hasn't heard of club soda? It's salted seltzer.

San Pellegrino

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