Im having a 17th birthday party soon and I need Ideas on what to do?!

Question: Im having a 17th birthday party soon and I need Ideas on what to do?
I want fun outdoors themes, I like movies and tv shows, I was thinking survivor themed but idk what activities to do,



survivor would be good, that ties in with a tropical theme, so tiki torches, go to the dollar store or party store, and they have tons of stuff, especially party stores, tropical is a popular theme

you could do a movie/tv show theme in general, and one game could be the guess the movie or show, or guess that the Famous people, write four clues on a paper and tell the clues and people have to guess, for decorations use gold, silver, black and white

You should have a Fear Factor Party!! You can find a ton of ideas for teen fear factor party games to play at…

Some of these games are hilarious! This will be a party that you and your friends will remember!!

~ Have Fun

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