Is this a good party idea?!

Question: Is this a good party idea?
for my 13th bday slumber party (and dont worry my bday already passed so you dont have to report me) and i was thinking of a glow in the dark theme.
I was thinking:
GID nail polish
GID tattoos
glow sticks
GID stars for walls
black light
make your own GID shirts
i have some nontoxic paint so maybe i could do face painting (if there is cheap effective GID body paint please tell me)
ipod playlist
lots of dancing
Any other ideas?
and should we watch a movie?


sounds good, you should bake something together (cookies, cake, cupcakes etc.) or make your own mini pizzas. Buy a can of biscuit roll out the doughs individually and put your own toppings. Follow the baking instructions on the can and check occasionally.

yeah this sound like good idea

that all sounds like an amazing idea :)

That is a great idea I would have never thought of that.

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