ideas for a teen birthday party?!

Question: Ideas for a teen birthday party?
okay so my parents are gone this weekend so i have my house free, i dont want to have a house party but i was thinking a few of my good friends over.
question is, what can we do?
getting drunk/high everyweekend gets a bit boring, i want something special to do. any ideas? :)
it's this weekend so nothing massive, but a few tips would really help, thank yoou! xx


first off. don't trash the place. your parents will never let you stay home again. second of all. do you have a girlfriend? if so just invite her. spend quality time with her wen you can be by yourselves. or ok if you dont have a girlfriend. is it warm? you guys can go swimming or have water balloon fights and i know it sounds childish for water ballon fights but just see it like this. you wont be a kid forever and once you are, your gonna wish you could be a kid again. hmmm you can throw a LITTLE birthday bash and barbeque and have people bring food. i dunno toughie. (: hope this helps

How about a metal band

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