I need help coming up with Pirate words for food!?!

Question: I need help coming up with Pirate words for food!?
My son is having his 8th birthday party this weekend and I am having a hard time coming up with pirate names for the food!! Can someone please help! Here is a list of what we are having!
1. Blue Jello with Gummy Octopus in the jello!
2. Meatballs
3. Lumpia
4. Pigs in a blanket
5. Meat and cheese platter
6. Veggie Platter
7. Strawberries and Dip
8. Chips and Dip
9. Juice
10. Cake pops

Any help would be great!


1. Sea monsters
2. Cannon balls
3. Peg legs
4. Sea Dogs
5. Vittles
6. Fresh rations (keeps the scurvy away)
7. Red Rubies (treasure)
8. Hardtack
9. Grog
10. Skulls

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