what do think i should eat for dinner tonight? i need some inspiration!!?!

Question: What do think i should eat for dinner tonight? i need some inspiration!!?
any suggestion are fine! type of food or restaurant name is cool!


i'm in love with orzo right now. throw some broccoli in with the orzo while it's cooking then drain. meanwhile saute some chicken and garlic til chicken is done stir in some chopped tomatoes and cream cheese and milk or cream and then stir in orzo/broccoli. uses 2 pots and takes less than 20 min!

Maybe make some tacos or burritos with soft tortillas. Or get Subway sandwiches with chips and their cookies or go to Olive Garden, Chili's or order a pizza.



Chicken cooked in lime and chilli with rice and broccoli :D

Pasta with chicken bits

Chicken and rice..

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