How can i have a house party with people getting drunk and my mum be there!?!?!

Question: How can i have a house party with people getting drunk and my mum be there!?!?
Well, I want to have a house party for my birthday, and even though i said not to bring alcohol people are still gonna bring it? I want to get drunk too, but my mum will be there? HELP ME PLEASEEEE


The only way I ever got drunk when my Mom was around was to get her drunk first. If she doesn't drink then tyou better find another plave to commit your debauchery.
Since you are still at home you must be underage and therefor illegal for drinking and perhaps jailbait. If this is the case, I suggest you head ove to your girlfriends house for your party.
If you have no friends who will allow you to have your party with them; then perhaps it is not time for you t o "get drunk'.
Whenever i got drunk, it was because I wasn't comfortable in my own skin and i never felt that I fit in with whatever crowd i was in at the moment; and I drank for the effect alcohol gave me rather than because it tasted good9 Which it did not).
If this is the way you feel then either you are in the wrong crowd; or you are like me. I am an alcoholic and I had to get help with it. I got sober after 40 years of drinking by going to AA.
Had I known about Alateen when I was your age I might have saved my life a long time ago.

sober 8 years

If your mother is a decent parent there's no way you can. It's selfish of you to even try doing this because your mom can get into huge trouble, even arrested, if she allows underage drinking in her home. If someone at your party drinks and drives home, the police will ask where they were drinking at. You obviously aren't mature enough to handle drinking anyway

leave the drinking to another time. If they bring alcohol, have them store it somewhere safe and temporarily out of reach during the party. At another convenient, you guys can drink to your delight, although I wouldn't recommend it.

she most likely will find out because alot of people cant hide being drunk as easy as others...depends on the color of the liquor you can put it in polad spring bottles for clear liquor like vodka and bacardi or coke or pepsi for your darker rums and whiskeys

simple answer if you have to hide it you should probably not be doing it.

life experience

yeah, good luck with that one

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