Sweet 16 Ideas?:D Please?(:?!

Question: Sweet 16 Ideas?:D Please?(:?
So i have the day planned out im gonna rent a limo and well what have planned is awesome but i cant share anyways after wards im having a sleepover and i was wondering on what we can do besides the usually sleepovers to make it a lot of fun? also gift bag ideas? and anything else you can think of also invitation ideas would be great! I don't really have a theme either so thanks!:D


-Club~hire a DJ to blast music, get catering and make sure to have plenty of good drinks! You could even have a red carpet and photographers to take your pics as you walk in. Gift bags: iTunes gift card, glow sticks, etc.

-Spa~this is good for a smaller party, paint nails, do facials & chill in the hot tub. Gift bags: facial packets, lotion, nail polish, lip gloss.

-Jewelry~get someone to come in and teach you and your friends how to make your own original jewelery. It's always fun to be able to tell someone that you made your necklace yourself! Gift bags: charms, supplies to make more jewelry at home!

-Makeup~have a Mary Kay consultant to come in and do everyone's makeup. Gift bags: lip gloss, eye shadow, facials.

-Movie night~chill out & watch a movie! Be sure to have yummy popcorn, lots of blankets & pillows and a candy buffet. Gift bags: the candy could be their party favor or you could give out something else like slippers.

-eCards are always easy. You can now send them on Facebook as well as email.

-Royal Invitations: You should be treated as a princess on your special day(:

-Personal: If you have a huge budget for this party, you could hire people to go to each house and deliver the invitations personally.

Hope this helps(:

Hey Megs...a) Happy SWEET 16th!
b) Let me help you get started!

SO IDEAS!- Each person gets a whip cream can. You put on old clothes or bathing suit, etc. Then spray! Maybe do teams or something. Not glamorous, but it's amazingly fun!

Dessert or Pizza bar?

Whacking each other with pool noodles!

GIFT BAGS- You can personalize M&M's. So maybe put some of those in. Maybe you each get poster board or something and all sign your names on each piece and then give it to them.

INVITES- I'm assuming this is for the sleepovers. Maybe sign all names or something on a pillow and then put the info inside.

THEMES- Pirate, Emo, Girly, Gay things like High School Musical!

Hehe. Good Luck and Happy Birthday Megan! I expect my invite in the mail :P

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