What is the proper age to start smoking?!

Question: What is the proper age to start smoking?
Is fifteen too young to start smoking? All my friends smoke, but pops says I have to wait.


Smoking doesnt make you look cool or successful. I have been smoking since I was 13. It's stupid.
Don't smoke.
Its harder to quit than meth!

Don't throw your life away!!!

15 is way to young. Get better friends and just don't do it. I heard someone say once. You are spending all you money on a cloud of smoke! Then you can not stop and spend more and more money. Then your body gets sick and yucky..... I would not do all that for a cloud!

If, after reading all the tests that have PROVEN that cigs cause cancer, you still decide to end your life prematurely, smoke the cheapest cigarette you can find. You'll need the extra money later for chemotherapy.

um how about never is a good time to stop smoking. who cares what your friends do when your like 100 years old, they'll be dead and in the ground...besides you'll smell

Don't start till your ready to stink and look haggardly and get lung cancer. If you want to have a better life, get friends that are less stupid.


Smoking is awful for you and you will die early.

End of story.

proper? 25

18 of course don't be a follower be a leader.

I believe no age is really appropriate. Don't smoke please.

Don't start

your off to a bad start at 15

Not starting is the best option. You'll save alot of money and your health.

Never. Well, 18, i guess, but u should not unless u wont to smell like crud and shoo away all ur friends.

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