What is your favorite girl scout cookie?!

Question: What is your favorite girl scout cookie?
I just bought some and I'm in love with the somoas and my second favorite are thin mints. ?_?

So my question is: What's your favorite kind? And why?


Ah, Thin Mints!!

Sadly, we have no Girl Scouts around my area, so I've been deprived of delicious cookies for over 3 years...

The thin mints just melt in your mouth. Second for me would be the coconut caramel ones.

Thin Mints all the way! They are amazing.

You should try freezing them and then eating them. It is really good(:

Hope this helps!

Thin mints- they're addictive

Thin mints, they're just soooo good.

tagalongs and frozen thin mints<3

Thin mints

Thin Mints! They are the best!



Peanut butter Patties and thin mints!!!

*_* Thin mints.........

The lemon chalet cremes,and do-si-dos peanut butter.They taste so good to me!

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