picnic games and foods?!

Question: Picnic games and foods?
we're a group (5 people max) of teens and next saturday we're going to a picnic what food should we bring along including sweets!?and what are some fun games to play


bring a ball...dodge ball or kick ball and run the bases
Frisbee (get one for each guest and you can use that to hold your paper plate of food)
Play catch with those velcro mitts
Nature scavenger hunt
bocce ball or horseshoes if you have those games
water balloons
any board games...or Apples to Apples, or UNO card game

Bring along a deck of cards and print out rules for "SPOONS" card game or any others (you need 1 less spoon than number of players so bring some plastic spoons)

Also..look online for more "Candy bar games" to see if there's some you'd like to play

Foods: pita sandwiches (egg salad, chicken salad, )....here's a good recipe:Teriyaki & Pineapple Chicken...make it the night before and leftovers in a pita pocket makes great lunch! (I'd use a little less than the called-for amount of teriyaki sauce in this recipe...and if you want even a little sweeter, add a teaspoon of Splenda sugar to it)>>>

Bring some cheesy popcorn already made in a bag, some candies, cookies to snack on---pack some grapes, trail mix, cut up melon wedges. An easy chocolate treat is to melt choc chips and then add a package of Chinese chow mein noodles to coat thoroughly--lift out using 2 forks to get clumps, dry on waxed paper..wrap in container overnight in fridge.

Or make brownies, cool then put in freezer for 20 minutes...remove and cut into small, bite-size pieces (this way it doesn't crumble)...put piece of brownie on a pick, then a strawberry slice, then another brownie piece, then a green grape....make kabobs and put into a container.)

Drinks: bottled water, lemonade or iced tea or flavored water

cookies or brownies
egg salad or ham & cheese wraps
veggies & dip

frisbee or football to toss
skipping rope
hoola hoops

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