Pre-teen girl birthday party ideas?!

Question: Pre-teen girl birthday party ideas?
My neighbor's daughter is turning 12 in May, but has no idea what to do for her birthday party. She wanted to do a cake decor party, but a facility is unavailable. Any ideas?


She could have a luau in her backyard. You could rent a cotton candy machine, a bounce house, a water slide,etc. You could also have a face painting\tattoo station and have an ice cream sunday bar. Get hula skirts and other decorations. I had one of these a few years ago and everybody loved it:)

You could also have a camping party. Invite a few of her friends to stay the night after everybody else leaves. You could have smores and roast hot dogs over the fire. Set up a tent in the backyard for her and her friends to stay in. You could set up camping games to play too.

definetly go with a bbq since the weather is so nice, get those burgers and hot dogs going, and you can buy big wine coolers for adults and big coolers with ice cream or ices inside, and of course an ice cream cake

or you can do a beach party and purchase a portable volley net along with bringing some tins /plastic trays of food,but the beach is a bit messy and a hassle

So the mother doesn't want the party at the house because it's too "messy"?...sounds like she's looking for the party to be held elsewhere....if that's the case: skating party or bowling party, or activities at YMCA (which host birthday parties)...laser tag party, Build-a-Bear parties.

For home: decorate your own cupcakes or pizza or make your own sundaes.

Make your own jewelry at a jewelry party (so what if it's's not that big of a mess). They can make friendship bracelets, decorate sunglasses or baseball caps to wear...even t-shirts are only $2 at a craft store.

Have a hula hoop contests, give awards for best beach outfit, etc. Have tropical foods-
Skewer pieces of fruit, cheese, and meat with fancy toothpicks and arrange them on a pupu platter (that's Hawaiian for appetizer!). Blend together tropical fruits, juices, and ice for smoothies that guests will go bananas over. Serve them in pretty glasses garnished with cocktail umbrellas. Top it off with this beach cake, sure to make a big splash!…

**play fun games. Have guests each make some fun flip-flops by covering insoles with fabric or fun neon colored fur and gluing on beads, ribbons, etc. to thongs. Many Hawaiian ideas for cupcakes, too.

Aloha Volley- Played with a beach ball (or even a balloon), this game puts a tropical twist on classic volleyball. Set up a net (or you can string a piece of clothesline between two stationary objects). Ask each team to come up with a fun name like the Invincible Islanders or the Volley-canoes. Explain that the object is to hit the ball back and forth according to standard volleyball rules. But instead of scoring points, teams are awarded letters to spell A-L-O-H-A. The first team to complete the word wins!

Make invites from foam board at craft store cut to look like a surf board: cut some contact paper to cover the top of it ..or use craft paper and glue on...write party details in bold Sharpie pen on front.

Play Beach Boys surfer music, reggae music, Jimmy Buffet music.

What about doing a cake decor party at your house? You could make each girl a small cake in old pot pie tins and let them go to town with frosting and sprinkles.

Or how about a pillowcase decorating party. Buy each girl a cheap white pillowcase and a gang of puffy paint and glitter.

If they have cell phones, these are the perfect little gift-bag gifts. Super cheap and fun

(they work for iPods too)

A glow in the dark pool party ( if they have a a pool)

A make over game (tell her mom to give them her old makeup)

Sorry, I can't realli b bothered rite now :P

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