Prize ideas for costume contest?!

Question: Prize ideas for costume contest?
I'm having a Modern Barbie themed 23rd birthday party and I've asked everyone to dress like Ken or Barbie for a costume contest. I need ideas for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners for the best Ken and Barbie. The color scheme of the party is hot pink, black, white and silver, all the food and drinks are going to be pink. So far the only prize idea I've come up with is a bottle of pink champagne. Thanks!


Starbucks gift card? Doesn't really matter for how much.. I think the modern day barbie would have a starbucks card in her hand! =P
Gift card for a pedicure? You can pick those up for under $20 :)
A little gift bag with small liquor bottles in it (those little personal shot ones, you can pick those up for around $1 a piece, and maybe a couple nail polishes thrown in for the "barbie" flair!

Sounds like a really fun party actually. I wish I knew people who had parties like this! Happy Birthday dear.

X-Rated Vodka comes in a fruit flavor that is bright pink

There is black vodka on the market too (maybe for the men). One brand is called Blavod

There is a peppermint schnapps on the market that has real pieces of silver leaf floating in the bottle

Other brands of vodka come in opaque white bottles or black and white bottles (Effen is one such)

Rose Champagne will likely come in a dark green bottle. You could certainly serve it to show of its color

Fantastic party idea. Why not find some retro Barbies, lots of toy stores carry them, would be fun to match your scheme.

is a good idea

good lucky!!

Good idea, maybe money will do.

First prize winner gets money(:

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