Is British food popular in France or Italy?!

Question: Is British food popular in France or Italy?

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British food is, for the most part, ridiculed in Italia

In my opinion, re: British food, it is neither popular nor unpopular in Italy and France; however, keep in mind that the food is competing with both Italian and French food, which has a very good reputation not only in Italy and France, plus, the United Kingdom, but on the worldwide spectrum.
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i think british food holds a place in every country, probably to cater to ex patriots. there is nothing wrong with potato fries and fried fish, its just not considered haute cusine. american food is plagued with the same reputation, america is the world pop culture center so their food has spread bc of that, not the cusine itself

No. British food is known internationally for not being very good. It doesn't have international spread the way 'American food' or French and Italian food do.

Personal experience in France and Italy.

well, I'm Italian...
I love UK and I visited it a few times...
nice people, beautiful places, wonderful language and culture... but food... well... let's say that I've never been very lucky.....

British food is not popular anywhere except for
fish and chips and
tea and butter cookies.

The British food is known for being the worst food in the world in France. It's the same about American food

Never heard of it in France nor Italy.


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