Do they sell naan bread at the Safeway?!

Question: Do they sell naan bread at the Safeway?
how much does it cost?


You don't have ze real have ze shite bread...only ze french have ze real bread....ze Angleterrean pig-dog! I fahrt in your general direction! At ze Monoprix et ze carrefour,
we have ze only true bread,...

Na na na na na naaaaaan! Nyeah! (raspberry!)

*giggles* ^ ^
Probably but I don't know if it will be safe and we don't have Safeway in Britain anymore (don't fink so anyway).....I ain't seen them lately anyway, although they could have gone into meltdown in the freshly baked pizza section at Sainsburys I suppose.


I know what you are trying to do here! Oh yes its the old divide and butter strategy. You'll never release my stranglehold on the Naan bread market. I am a doughy oligarch.

What is this bread and is Penfold part owner.Funny though didn't know little bears liked bread as all the ones i see eat crumpets and

yes usually in the deli dept

they sell non-fresh produce.....

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