What can i use as a substitute for shortening?What is shortening anyways?!

Question: What can i use as a substitute for shortening?What is shortening anyways?
Im a 14 year old who just started baking and i have collected some recipes.In the nut cake recipe,the ingredients include shortening.What can i use as a substitute and what is shortening?


Hi. Shortening is a solid white fat product used in cooking (really an American term, I think). The nearest UK equivalent would be lard, although it's not exaclty the same. I would suggest perhaps using a mixutre of 50% lard and 50% butter. (Or even all butter!)

Shortening is either lard, or hydrogenated fat, or both mixed together. Shortening melts and then re-solidifies as it cools down to room temperature.

Palm / coconut oil is a good substitute. Neither butter nor margarine are good substitutes, though, since they usually have to be refrigerated in order to re-solidify.

You can have shortening that is all vegetable, such as Crisco, or crico cooking oil Shortening is used in baking where oil would not work, such as making pie dough

shortening is added to recipes so that the consumer perceives time to run faster.

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