Where can you buy haggis?!

Question: Where can you buy haggis?
Like in the Chicagoland area.


Haggis in a can. Yes, it comes in a can!
Made in Chicago: http://www.thehaggis.com/

I am a former chef from Canada and have made it and consumed it many times, and in the US unless you have a large English/Scottish community there it may be difficult, it is not hard to make but the ingredient may not be something you like or can get, especially the sheep's stomach, now when I made it I use a beef intestine, but it can be done in a plastic wrap and foil package.

It is ground lamb, lamb innards like liver, kidney some use lungs, oatmeal or barley, spices and seasoning, cooked in the stomach sack in a broth, the serve with mashed potato's and turnips on the side. If you would like a recipe let me know.

You don't purchase it pre-prepared. You make it. Any decent Scottish cookbook will have the recipe.

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